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An Unexpected Journey…

I am Glorya. I am a Worshiper, Mother, Writer, Litigator. I wear many hats within a 24 hr. space of time allotted to me. But most importantly I am one in millions of grand families living in the United States raising my grandchildren. In addition to this, I am a single grandmother. That means the full responsibility of their care and reliance is on me. without a personal village it would mean stress beyond what I have the capacity to handle.

On March 11, 2019 my beautiful daughter Tamara passed away. My baby girl had Lupus Nephritis. Her biggest fear was that her babies would be raised in separate households if she did not survive the odds. I wanted to honor her final wish. So I accepted custody of her babies that she courageously released in my care. (All 4 of them). Amya, Carlisia (Lee Lee), Alexandria (Alex) and Jacob. We all began an unexpected journey filled with grief, regret and changes. Lots of changes. Immediately I knew I needed a Village. With no time to grieve sufficiently I embraced my obligation and counted it all joy that I was the proud new parent of three girls and a little boy. It was like she never left. I see her everyday in them. Although there is a silver lining in my story; my new life did not evolve without daily stress, legalities, discouragement, abandonment and rejection. I experienced many sleepless nights that rolled into exhausting overwhelming days.

The village I needed was quickly engaged in every aspect of my life. First of all my Village consists of my grandkids pediatrician who has been a tremendous source of help emotionally. physically and mentally. It consists of educators who knew my daughter personally, my church, my friends, community volunteers, and most of all my family. Many of them, particularly my brothers also supported me financially until I was able to find my balance again.

I love the quote by Winnie the Pooh: “Anyone can show up when you are happy but those who stay by your side when heart falls apart-they are your true friends”, My Village has been TRUE to it’s meaning. I was moved to help others with the same challenges of raising second gen children duplicate this ancient strategy. Which is why this mission is important to accomplish.

Please join our global Mission to assist the next generation who in a lot of cases are being raised with financial, emotional, mental and physical support.

Thank you!

Glorya Bolden, TGCN Founder